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Introduction for Sephardic Baking From Nona And More Favorites


Sephardic Jews have long enjoyed the tradition of dunking baked goods in their afternoon Turkish coffee or espresso or after-dinner tea. Another Sephardic tradition of the Ladino speaking Jews from Greece and Turkey is a dairy Shabbat lunch featuring many baked things like Cheese Borekas and Spinach filled savory pastry.  Now you can learn how to bake delicious things to dunk and savor in this kosher collection of breads, brunch/lunch pastries, and desserts. The first in a series of cookbooks, Sephardic Baking from Nona and More Favorites captures the timeless recipes that have been passed down for generations and other fantastic baked goods for the home baker like strudel and biscotti.

Linda Capeloto Biography

Do you remember the smells of your Nona’s baking and the way her hands seemed to know instinctively how to measure ingredients without a recipe? Linda Capeloto Sendowski began baking as a child, helping her mom and Nona create special meals for family celebrations and holidays. The Capeloto family and Chiprut family are Sephardic Jews from the Island of Rhodos in Greece and the coast of Turkey, including  Istanbul, Chanakli, and Tekirdag .  Both sides of Linda’s family came to the United States in 1909 and 1910.

Linda’s met and married her husband in Los Angeles California, a son of Holocaust survivors from Poland and Czechoslovakia.  The Capeloto, Sendowski home is an ethnic mix with wonderful culinary results.  Later, when Linda’s two sons started school, she began teaching classes for charity fundraisers, synagogues, temples, and schools. Over the years, her recipes have been published in small newspapers, community newsletters, and larger publications such as the Washington Post.  Recently Linda was mentioned in the New York Times Food section.

Sephardic Baking From Nona and More Favorites will enable you to fill your own home with the comforting aromas of traditional Sephardic breads, brunch pastries, and desserts. Beyond simply teaching you how to bake timeless classics such as challah, bulemas, and biscotios, this cookbook also delves a little into the history of Sephardic Jews and the origins of their recipes. Plus, you’ll be introduced to several new kosher desserts for those times when you simply want to make a great chocolate cake.

Linda is continuing to develop recipes, teach classes for charity fundraising and work on a cookbook at the Sephardic Temple Tefereth Israel for the community.  She is also working on another cookbook to publish that will contain Holiday menus, as well as recipes for vegetables, mezze, meats, salads and more.